Planning Applications

This is our core business. Our skills enable us to navigate planning applications through the system. From the outset we can provide an overview of the issues likely to affect an application, and will recommend a strategy intended to maximise success. We can advise on: the policy issues affecting the application; the skills needed in the Design team; the approach to consultation with the Council, stakeholders, interest groups, and the public.

We will formulate a programme for the submission of the application, co-ordinate the preparation of the application, make the submission, and monitor progress. We will advise on any issue that comes up during the life time of the application and deal with all related issues such as the negotiation of affordable housing and section 106 planning obligation agreements.

We are also willing to come in as firefighters if an application has been made without a planning consultant in the team and problems have been encountered.

Planning Appeals

We have a successful track record in planning appeals where these are necessary. We have carried out appeals by written representations, informal local hearing and public enquiries.

We regard going to appeal on an application we are promoting as contingency planning, although sometimes it can be necessary if a Committee does not accept an officer’s recommendation.